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Identical twins
Always every thing has a plans on how we can make it easy in our everyday life, the also health has a plan known as discovery health plans, this can include how can we get treatments or services from health centers like hospitals, dispensaries, and pharmacy in an easy way, so that by that means we must make the way that the health centers must be near with people places.

Important hints on how to make discovery health plan
Ø  Fully interactive, real time technology that helps you find doctors and hospitals, on our networks, near you
Ø  Give your doctor consent to view your health records before your consultation, this means you must try to make your health records.
Ø  Choose a doctor that suits your needs, view the doctor’s practice information to schedule your appointment
Ø  Book a follow-up video consultation with your doctor at your convenience
Those above hints is very important in discovery health plans, because can cause your health to be better condition, sometimes for woman you can get the pregnant so without keep your health records or get consultations from doctor or to be near with hospital or health center, can be the difficult situation.
Now, lets look how pregnant mother can plan his health records or take care about his offspring:
Parental care
Parental care or parentingis any behaviour in which a parent invests time or energy in feeding and protecting its offspring as well as in providing a nurturing and constructive environment that promotes offspring’s fitness, growth and development. It is therefore the behaviour that increases an offspring’s chance for survival.
The degree of parental care differs widely. For example, most species of fish show little or no parental care while humans and many other mammals care for their offspring until they reach adolescence.
Aspects of Parental Care
The aspects of parental care include:
·         Lactation
This is the feeding of an infant by suckling at the breast in which milk is produced and secreted by the mammary glands. It is form of parental care unique to mammals. Soon after birth, the mammary glands secrete yellowish white liquid called colostrum. This is very important because it is highly rich in antibodies and nutrients. Through breast feeding, the baby gets all nutrients required as milk protein, vitamins, mineral salts, milk sugar and fats including those required for the development of brain tissues. Lactation normally continues until weaning.
·         Protection
Most of the mammalian parents protect their young against:
ü  Disease: by providing health services ensuring hygienic handing of food etc.
ü  Climate changes: by providing warmth to the babies.
ü  Predators/enemies: mothers become aggressive to ensure that their young ones are not reached.
·         Social interaction/education
The young ones must learn how to interact with others and fit into the social structure around them. The young ones need early experience with their parents in order to depend on themselves and to learn to live actively in the social unit.

Social interaction includes: singing of songs to the offspring, learning of language, teaching of the language, and formal education (for human beings, primary, secondary and up to tertiary education) there after a person becomes independent.

Multiple Births and their Causes
Multiple births are cases in which more than one baby are born from the same mother and they result from the same pregnancy.
In mammals like cats, rabbits, dogs and pigs, multiple births are common cases because several oocytes are released at their ovulation and each of them is fertilized by a separate spermatozoon. Humans are commonly giving birth to only one young individual.
Common multiples are two and three, known as twins and triplets, respectively. Others are quadruplets for four offspring, quintuplets for five offspring, sextuplets for six offspring, septuplets for seven offspring, octuplets for eight offspring, nonupletsfor nine offspring, etc.
Cause of multiple births
In humans, multiple births are due to two factors:
o   Ovulation of more than one secondary oocytes at once (hyperovulation)
If more than one secondary oocytes are released at ovulation, each may be fertilized by a spermatozoon. This may result to a multiple pregnancy and finally a multiple birth. The offspring in such a case are said to be dizygotic if two or polyzygotic if more than two. Hyperovulation is trigged by a gene, known as the ‘twin gene’ that causes the woman to release two or more secondary oocytes (eggs) during her cycle.

o   Cleavage of a zygote into more than one blastomeres
One ovum may be fertilized by a spermatozoon and the resulting zygote may cleave into two or more blastomeres each of which develops into an embryo after separation. This also results to a multiple birth and the offspring are said to be monozygotic.

Conjoined twins
I recommended that, according to those information we see above, about pregnant mother we should get the health insurance, because we don’t guaranteed our health, that’s how discovery health plans looks like, incaseany where, any place and any time if we will get some troubles in our health we can get fast treatments because of the insurance.
From the 1970’s to the 2000’s, Southern and Western European countries began introducing universal coverage, most of them building upon previous health insurance programs to cover the whole population, for example, France built upon its 1928 national health insurance system, with subsequent legislation covering a larger and larger percentage of the population, until the remaining 1% (one percent) of the population that was uninsured received coverage in 2000.
There are some types of health insurance, these are:
1.   Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) 

2.   Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Health Insurance Plans

3.   Point of Service (POS) Health Insurance Plans

4.   Exclusive Provider Organization (EPOs) Health Insurance Plans

5.   Indemnity Health Insurance Plans

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